The video is produced by Mie Gradert Thomsen and Caroline Engell in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen.

The installation is built from several elements – there is no ‘correct’ approach or way to enter the installation, but rather a focus on curiosity and interaction.

The white tower in the middle displays four different perspectives on the ideal relationship between science and society. The ideals differ greatly in their understanding of the social responsibility of science. Each entrance represents one ideal and hence a certain understanding of the relationship between science and society. Inside every entrance is a physical element, such as small figures or puzzles, that is constantly developing and changing as more visitors go through the installation.

Around the white tower are several stations where visitors are encouraged to state their opinion – for example it is possible to vote for who should prioritize research funds or who is responsible for the responsible use of science. Furthermore visitors can also write down their hopes and fears for the future, seen through the eyes of science, or prioritize problems in society that can be solved by science.

The physical elements of the installation are supplemented by a digital – equipped with an iPad, visitors will be able to expand their experience of the problems and dilemmas featured throughout the installation. By using the app Aurasma, several images, placed at various locations in the installation, can be scanned with the iPad. This loads a video that elaborates on the area corresponding to the image. Furthermore visitors have the option of making their opinion on many of the dilemmas and issues known through Facebook.